Below is an example of the costs typically associated with a cremation service.  Please keep in mind there are other options available which the family can choose and thus would modify this example.  Please contact us to discuss this matter further.


Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff…$3,395

Transfer of Remains to the Funeral Home….$400.

Other Preparation of the Body…$455.

Basic Alternative Cremation Container…$225.

Cremated Remains Container/Urn…$390

Private Family Viewing…$195.

Cremation of the Body…$725.

Public Visitation (night before the funeral)…$485.

Funeral/memorial service…$485.

Utility vehicle…$245.00

Graveside Service…$345.

                                                                                                         Subtotal:  $7,345.



The costs listed above are from our current General Price List, Cremated Remains Container Price List & Cremation Container Price List.                                                                                      


The following estimated costs are also common to most services thus must be taken into consideration when discussing the total costs of a funeral.  Of note, these services/products are provided by other participants thus we have no control over these costs. However, we commonly pay for these expenses and in-turn charge the family their actual cost.  Therefore these costs are not marked-up, thus we do not profit from handling the payment of these expenses.  We offer this service to simplify the billing process for the family.

Clergy Honorarium…$150.

Organist Honorarium…$100.

Church Women's Group Honorarium…$100.

Casket floral spray…$180.

Catered reception meal…$675. (approximately $5.00 per person for a cold meal; $7.00 per person for a hot meal)                                                                                                                                  

Owatonna Peoples Press obituary…$250. (actual cost based upon length of text)

Six Certified Copies of the Death Certificate…$43. (actual cost dependent upon the number of copies ordered:  $13 for first copy, $6 for each additional copy)

Cemetery Interment Fee…$400.

Grave Opening & Closing Fee…$450.

Engraving date of death on cemetery marker…$125.

                                                                                                      Subtotal:  $2,430.

                                                                                                      Grand Total:  $ 9,775.